1839, Marseille, France. 

When famous disobedient writer George Sand finds herself at a creative standstill, with an empty wallet, her desperate need for an idea leads her quill to the most intimate and dangerous place she has ever explored: herself.

Embarking on her most daring work yet with the play "Gabriel," she is caught in a perfect storm between her lovers, her queerness and what readers want from her.

Here. Now. When we strip away the costumes, George's fight could be ours.

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Léa des Garets (she/they) : Writer and performer

Léa des Garets is a queer migrant theatre-maker from Bordeaux, France. 

After an English degree at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and two years lecturing French at Cambridge University, Léa started a career in the performing arts in the UK with Night Train Theatre Company

She was one of the 10 mentees selected for Projekt Europa’s Empower mentorship programme, which supports and champions migrant theatre talent in the UK. 

Her work aims to give more visibility to hidden voices from the past and the present, focussing particularly on international voices and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Now based in London, Léa works as an actor on stage, screen and as a voice artist between France and the UK.